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  • Kermode: More male nudity in mainstream movies, please!
  • Mayo: You're moving into your homoerotic phase again...
  • Kermode: I'm not moving into it, I'm enjoying it, I'm living in it! I've built a sofa and a surround system in it. You know how I feel about the Richard Gere issue and all the rest of it.

If Michael Bay wasn’t one of the most successful directors in the world with hundreds millions of dollars at his disposal, he would be directing porn. Or, more precisely, he would be directing adverts for porn. He is a pornographic filmmaker in his sensibility, doesn’t matter what he’s looking at. Whether he’s looking at people, whether he’s looking at cars, whether he’s looking at explosions. His entire approach, is “WOAR! EY! LOOKATTHAT! EY! WOAR! LOOK AT! WOAR! EY!” And that’s it, it doesn’t make any difference what he’s doing. An ideal Michael Bay shot is; the 27-year-old stripper leaning over the bonnet of a car that then gets hit by a rocket launcher and explodes. And everything he does - he has one visual style, basically it’s frenetic wobbly cam with very very tight close-up and gittery editing.

- Mark Kermode on Michael Bay, whom he considers the Devil. (via scuttlebuttstuch)

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let's have your 529 word essay then, i'm interested.

529 word essay coming soon, since you asked. Kind of bogged down with stuff. It’s going to have the general flavor of men are people, and people are very mentally advanced creatures, and stable ones are not going to kill you.


*gets 5 notes on a post* this is it this is the big one








Men Experiencing Labor Pains

With their wives supporting them.


I bet a kick in the balls would feel real good right about then.

“Men can handle anything”

“Women exaggerate everything”

And then they realized just how wrong they were

wife: “are you ok”

Husband : “dont talk to me”

My mom and aunties watched this and were laughing hysterically.

They did this once on Dutch TV too. The guys’ reactions were.. equally pained. So it’s safe to say that labour pains are one thing that’s truly international.




I can’t stop laughing at this video I took

Sometimes I look back on the things I’ve done and I just …regret

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oh shit

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